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Cuccerre's Coffee Roasters


Acadiana's Exclusive Christian Based Micro Coffee Roaster

Family Owned and Operated



Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour"

Peter 5:8 

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Cuccerre's Coffee is a Christian based Limited Liability Company (LLC) 


Truly Great Coffee

What this world needs more of every morning to start the day, a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.


Many studies in the medical field, including Harvard Medical, have found coffee to be beneficial to a longer and more prosperous life, with that being said, Jesus is known to give you life for eternity.


In recent studies, freshly roasted coffee is recognized to have 3 times the antioxidants of green tea and helps protect against cognitive deterioration, and decreases the chance of heart attacks. Freshly roasted coffee, like Cuccerre’s, is a great way to take in your daily amount of cancer and disease-fighting antioxidants. Check out our fresh roasted coffee offerings today!

the beginning

the Cuccerre family 

My grandfather, George Dominic Cuccerre, AKA- "Cucci" was the 12th child of 13 born from Italian immigrants. All but the last 2 children were born in Italy. Grandpa Cuccerre (George) told me stories that when he was growing up, he did not finish elementary school because he had to work in the fields on the farm. Only one meal a day for a family this large, so George would wash off a potato or onion in the field and eat for a snack. 


George grew up and left the farm to join the United States Army to help the world fight communism in World War II. George won a purple heart after being shot down in a hang glider with other medals awarded for honor and valor. 


I remember grandpa and grandma, Anna Dichiaro Cuccerre waking up at four o'clock in the early morning to have breakfast with their daily cup of joe. The aroma in the home, I can remember as I lay in the bed with the complete and total feeling of being loved from my grandparents; I cannot recall there ever being a better feeling in the world than that. This feeling is what I want to bring you all when you pop open a fresh bag of Cuccerre's coffee to get the day started. Cuccerre's coffee is definitely roasted with love.

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Why Ethical
Coffee Matters, Top Grade Coffee

I want to bring the pleasure to all of you, of the immense tones and hints that coffee beans provide from different altitudes and regions of the world.


Growing up, like most of you, all I knew was pantry coffee, fast food coffee, break room coffee, or even gas station coffee. Freshly roasted coffee subsidizes most coffee consumers acid reflux occurrences, so those inflicted, are able to enjoy the coffee without the burn. Coffee is not supposed to have a dingy, ashtray sensation.


I want you all to discover the floral, fruity, bright tones with the lighter roasts and the caramel, creamy bodied, brothy tones of the medium roasts, on to the dark chocolate, raspberry, heavy bodied, darker roasts.

Forget Love, Fall in Coffee

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