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...about Cuccerre's

Grandpa Cuccerre WWII_edited.jpg

During World War II, George Dominic Cuccerre (grandpa) was General Eisenhower’s driver for two weeks in Europe. Grandpa was given the nickname "Cucci" by the General. Stories were told of General Eisenhower and grandpa switching hats during transportation to disguise the upper command. 

Grandpa Cuccerre also boxed in the army, accumulating a record of 15 wins and 5 losses. The record does not appear astounding until you take into consideration there were no weight classes and grandpa was 5'5" in height, weighing around 150 pounds.  

Grandpa was also the soldier who ran up to moving tanks, pulled the hatch and dropped the hand grenade in before hurdling himself to safety. While stationed in Europe, grandpa was clocked running 35 miles an hour next to fellow soldiers riding in an army jeep.

Grandpa was shot down in a hang glider somewhere over Rhineland in Western Germany where he fought off German farmers, barely being able to see from the blood pouring into his eyes. Grandpa made it out alive with others not so fortunate, and for his actions of courage and resilience, he was awarded a Purple Heart. Grandpa also received 6 bronze stars, a good conduct medal, and an EAME Campaign Medal.



the Cuccerre family...

GG grandma n GG grandpa Dichairo.jpg

Mr. & Mrs. Cuccerre 

Grandpa's parents were Italian immigrants from Sicily which is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and resides in southern Italy. Grandpa was the 12th child out of 13 children born who grew up on a farm. As you know, my grandfather went off to war, where he nearly married an Italian woman while stationed in Italy. But fortunately for the love story’s ending, the war ended and grandpa met Anna Dichiaro, later known as grandma, back in his hometown of Houston, Texas whose family were also Italian immigrants...

great grandma n great grandpa.jpg

Mr. & Mrs. Dichiaro

grandma cuccerre.jpg


The love story began as grandpa and grandma married after the war and bared a single child, Georgia Ann. The love story continued as the family grew and families merged with the likes of the: Shields, Zuckero, Farenza, Sylvia, Delaro, Canino, Cantalino, Palermo, Montabana, Corso, Bouglia, and so on...

cuccerre wedding pic.jpg

George & Anna Cuccerre

IMG_8029 (1).PNG


George and brother n wives.jpg

Joe, George, Anna & Rosalie 

Georgia Ann



Connally & Georgia Shields

Anne Lena Julia.jpg

Lena, Anna, & Julia Dichiaro 

greatgrandma rose.jpg

Great Grandma

Rose Dichiaro

Caninos and Cuccerres.jpg

Cuccerre, Delaro & the Canino men 

GG grandma n grandpa and grand children.
Cuccerres Caninos Delaro Rose.jpg

Cuccerre, Dichiaro, Delaro & the Canino women

Great Grandma n sis.jpg

Great Grandma Rose & Page

sis n bubba Easter.jpg

Chase & Page having Easter fun

Mr. and Mrs. Dichiaro with grandchildren.

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